Cleaning Services

A clean home equals a happy home owner, who has time to do the things that make them happier.

At Area Carpet Cleaning London, we offer a complete cleaning package. Your price will also take into account extra factors. The size of your home (bedrooms, bathrooms) and the frequency for cleaning are some of the factors. Special note to pets living indor are considered as well.

Don’t worry, let your cleaning be handed by the professionals at Area Carpet Cleaning, where clean is always in season.

Area Carpet Cleaning provides you with professional cleaners for your residential or small office cleaning needs. We will bring the cleaning supplies or use yours, your choice

We clean homes, apartments, condominiums, vacancies, vacation homes, homes for sale, small offices, & Party / Clean Ups. We offer daily, weekly, every other week, monthly, or the occasional service

We handle small or big commercial cleanings and we have earned our reputation delivering state-of-the-art spotless cleaning services on time and at a fair price.

We starts our works by secure work area with safety cones/barriers to minimize hazards to both workers and passer-bys. Typically when we clean large sections, we would block off one area at a time to minimize obstruction to traffic flow, and make it easier to maintain a safe work area.

Whenever possible, we include a signed work order from the person on duty so that even when you can’t get by to inspect the work yourself, you know that someone saw the completed work.

Other than carpet cleaning we can also offer our customers:

Driveway cleaning – remove unwanted residues, moss and oil

Plastic fascia boards – water marks and streaks are removed

Garden furniture – remove all that unwanted tree sap or dirt prior to re-treating

Decking / patio areas – take away the slippery coating that is dangerous when wet to walk on

Conservatories – restore them to their original white and bright condition

Walls – remove unsightly deposits from around the bottom and lime stains

Swimming pools – after the winter, remove algae from the concrete or in the grout between the tiles

Additional Services: Windows (Interior / Exterior), Change bed-linen, Laundry (In Home), Carpet Cleaning, Detail Home Cleaning

This list is by no means exhausted, give us a call and we can tell you how we could help you.

Don’t see a service you’re interested in? Just ask us!