Maintenance Cleaning

We handle small or big commercial maintenance cleaning jobs and we have earned our reputation delivering consistent quality services on time and at a fair price. If you are too busy to run your life (like most people in London), and run around trying to manage your cleaner, call us and we will come at a convenient time and totally create a spotlessly pleasant business exteriors you will always love.

Illegal refused hauling
Cleaning up and hauling off illegal dumps such as tires refrigerators, and even a piano that the neighbors drop off in the middle of the night. We can handle most heavy objects with a 12 foot stake bed truck equipped with a lift gate and tarping system. We also hold a London waste carriers licence that allows us to legally carry waste tires to a recycling center. We can offer this service as an on-call basis or with a scheduled maintenance contract with at least once a week service agreement. We do not haul liquids.

Graffiti control
This service is also available as an on-call or scheduled basis. We are equipped with many advanced equipments to completely remove graffiti even on the most popular signage plastics.

Move In/Out Cleaning London
This service is designed for moved out lease units, we strip the walls of any unwanted attachments such as shelving, posters and the like to make units ready for the painters. We generally clean the units to broom clean condition. In addition, we also replace bathroom fixtures, clean entrance and foyers, and yes, we even clean windows. We offer property manager a complete flexibility in our services.

General handyman services
Understand your unique need of projects that are too small for your contractors, we have a dedicated staff to do handy works such as hanging window coverings, changing faucet washers, replacing bathroom fixtures and ceiling tiles or the likes. And of course, we can provide our popular services of power washing and steam cleaning of your warehouses, buildings and flatwork.