Steam Cleaning

We use only the most environmentally safe products so that you don’t have to worry about the neighboring landscape.
Take us on a FREE Trial Patch Offer and you will never need to worry about your regular cleaning projects again because we do a perfect job every time. We provide cleaning service on surfaces include concrete, gas station canopy and building.

Steam Cleaning London
Steam Cleaning is excellent for removing surface stains. We pre-treat stains to lighten them as much as possible then employ a very high pressurized nozzle with a very high temperature which rotates just above the surface to remove the built-up grease, grime and lightens stains.

Power washing
This method allows all loosened particles to be removed from the area leaving a very clean, more unified look. We allow the last of the wash water to drain to collection point so that no water reaches the storm drain

A Special Note On Concrete
Concrete by nature is a very strong and durable material which will last for many years. Its only drawback is the incredible ability to absorb liquids. This natural tendency leaves concrete vulnerable to absorb liquids like oil, soft drinks, and the like to bond to the concrete and leave a stain that is virtually impossible to remove.

To obtain a completely stain free surface, one would have to grind the concrete to below the stains. This method would produce a beautiful and like new finish.