The Basics of Rubbish Disposal and Recycling in London

rubbish-removal-london-largeDoing proper rubbish removal in London is not so different from other regions. You are simply required to know what to do with the rubbish you accumulate at home before you call the rubbish disposal company to take care of your heaps of waste. It is a very simple task that you can easily do, no matter where you live in London.

Separation Before Waste Collection

First, you have to separate your rubbish. This will make it easier both for you and for the waste collectors who will come to take care of your rubbish removal job. Have at least three sections for the waste: one for paper waste, one for plastic waste, and one for organic waste. Six is the optimal number, but you really need the free space to add containers for electronic, metal, and glass waste as well. After that it’s all about keeping track of your London rubbish removal habits. You can sort your items and put them into 2 piles: in the first one – items you will donate and the second one – items you will get rid of.

Donate the items that are in good condition

Contact the local charities and ask them if they will accept your old furniture, clothes and everything else that can be reused. They will certainly do so call them and do a favour to the local community. This will reduce your load and will make the job a hassle-free experience.

Using a Company that Works with Recycling Centres

Second, you have the issues that could come with your preferred method of disposal. When you hire a company in London for waste clearance, make sure they work with a recycling centre. You will be surprised, but most such services go directly to the landfill. You want a company that will go directly to the recycling depot after they collect your waste. Our company is a perfect example, since they offer quality services as well as great prices to help you save money while you are being eco-friendly. Contact a few companies and get some free quotes before committing to a certain company. Comparing the quotes will give you the chance to choose a firm that best fits your needs.

With these tips you can have a much better time while dealing with your rubbish. Be thorough and careful with the preparation and then the disposal and the recycling process in London will seem like child’s play. Disposing of rubbish the right way will give you a huge feeling of satisfaction.

Top 5 Questions You Should Ask Your Rubbish Removal Company in London

There are some things that you need to inform yourself about even after finding a proper-looking waste collection company in London. There are a lot of rubbish clearance services there, but you should remember that they are a business above all and, like all businessmen, they will think about profit first and foremost. You should acquaint yourself with what the company has to offer you in terms of waste disposal services and how it can tailor a rubbish collection service to your needs – the one you really should pay for and not a company which requires you to roll up your sleeves and do the messy job yourself. Here are five questions you should ask that company before calling a team over:

1) Do you have what I need?

Naturally, if you need help with waste clearance, they will oblige. But there are different services and some of them might not cover what you need. You need to hire rubbish removal company professional enough to have it all and meet all requirements, but others do not offer such a variety of services. Some companies will merely handle your rubbish collection if you take out the rubbish bags yourself, much like the American style of collection. Others will have a furniture disposal service covering London, but not an office clearance one because they cannot be bothered with the responsibility. Check the services first.

2) Are you professional?

That is a legit question, even for the people who only come to collect a bag of rubbish, yes. A professional company in London needs to show it is serious about what it does. Waste collectors should have uniforms and safety gear for heavier objects. For some services they should also carry their own rubbish bags and not expect you to bring your own. A company prepared is a company ready to do work and serve you as best it can. An unprofessional company is one that is tardy, one that will be obviously unhygienic outside of the context of waste, and one that will ask more of you than it is willing to provide. That kind of company in Hackney is one to avoid.

3) Are you green?

Naturally, you want the company responsible for taking away your waste not to bring waste of their own. Pick one that is trying to preserve the environment – a company that uses fuel-efficient vans and takes the shortest routes to their target location. One that has gone digital in their office and understands the need to reduce energy waste and even the rubbish clearance that they are dealing with when they come to you. One that understands that dealing with rubbish does not mean they should litter. Everybody is making an effort to be green nowadays and you should give your own contribution to the environment and work with services that actually care for it.

4) Do you recycle?

No, this question is not answered. Just because a rubbish removal company is green and does its own recycling does not mean it recycles your rubbish. Some such businesses make their lives much easier if they just toss the bags into the landfill and continue with the services. It is simply faster and easier and especially cheaper for them that way right? So when you contact your local rubbish collectors, make sure you ask them about the recycling centre in London they are working with – and then check out that recycling centre and see if it is a legitimate one and one that does justice for the environment as much as you do. You can do that much.

5) How can I contact you?

This might seem like a silly question, considering that you are already speaking to the company, but there are more ways than one to contact a service supplier. Every company has a phone number, but what about an e-mail with a personal domain and a website? Can you make an order via e-mail or by filling in a blank form on the website? And can you locate their office on the map and actually walk up to them if you need to exchange words? Such extras bring credibility to waste clearance companies and you need to know whether you can get in touch with them when the calls are not going through.

Ask all these questions and only then do you make an order. Make sure the company you are booking in London is one that will serve you with all its resources and one that will provide you with the service you need. Not every company in London is reliable, you cannot expect that they will all give you just what you wanted. This is why a bit of research, followed up with the right questions is needed. Ask these questions and cement your feelings about the company before you start using it or it might turn out to be an experience you will not repeat.